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You can find our IRC channels on Coldfront at:

(The Rosular Kingdom)




What IS the Rosular Kingdom?

The Rosular Kingdom (RK) is composed of 3 alliances. The Order of the Black Rose (OBR) handles ALL diplomatic relations for the RK. Blackwater (BW) is the Army of the Rose and where ALL military operations for the RK are coordinated. The Realm of The Rose (RoTR) is the economic center for the RK and the gateway to membership within the Rosular Kingdom.

When observed separately, we are merely small alliances -- some new, some rich with history and revered throughout Digiterra. Combined as the Rosular Kingdom, we are a formidible force with a high average Nation Strength and well respected by all.


Order of the Black Rose




The Realm of The Rose


The Order of The Black Rose is an alliance based in the customs and traditions of the European Medieval Era. While Role Playing scenarios are tweaked to accommodate the available levels of technology in Cyber Nations, it is customary for OBR members to conduct all public communications in the manner befitting Members of State of the period.

OBR members may routinely refer to handheld computers, wide-screen displays, global positioning systems, Cruisers (Cruise Missiles), Tanks, and Hummers while accompanying those terms with such words as haveth & taketh, warmonger, peacemonger & whoremonger, Sir, Lady & Milady, and knave, brigand & peasant.

Should you find yourself lost in the pomp, please refer to our guide.

We bare our arms and show our scars with the hope that we may make peacemongers of you all.

All members of the Order of the Black Rose advance from Blackwater.

For The Order!


A innovative initiative of the Order of the Black Rose, Blackwater, is now accepting enlistment applications. Blackwater is a martial organization under the royally sanctioned command of Sir Neboe, Knight of the Order.

Blackwater is not an alliance in the conventional sense of the term, it is something else. We are not a government with an army... we are an army. Because Blackwater is a military unit, it has an extensively developed chain of command with a vast amount of positions which new recruits can aspire to, but none of them are civilian in nature. We have no politicians. We have no ambassadors or diplomats. We sign no treaties, as treaties are for governments. And finally, Blackwater is bonded to the Order and Her Majesty The Rose... not through treaty, but through our solemn pledge of fealty to Her cause and ideals.

All members of Blackwater advance from The Realm of the Rose.


The Realm of The Rose is a place for independent nations who wish to develop their nations to the best of their ability. Veteran nations are expected to give advice and counsel to the newer nations, allowing them to gather and prosper while under the protection and supervision of the Order of the Black Rose and Blackwater. RoTR is not an alliance in the usual sense of the word. It’s a gathering of like minded nations striving for economic advancement in the spirit of honour and chivalry exemplified by the Roselution. The Order of the Black Rose will provide the primary diplomatic functions for all members and Blackwater will be responsible for their overall defense.

All members of the Rosular Kingdom begin their journeys here. We always have an open door to new applicants.




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